I work closely with lab-based researchers to help them interpret genetic and genomic data, and develop statistical methods that provide new insights into the genetic basis of health and disease. I have strong experience in bioinformatics analysis, for bulk sequencing data (RNAseq, ATACseq, ChIPseq, WGS, and ExomeSeq), single-cell sequencing data (RNAseq, ATACseq, and WGS), and spatial transcriptomics.

I have developed several statistical and bioinformatic methods (R packages) for analysing Illumina SNP arrays and RNAseq data. I am also interested in developing methods for statistical modelling for NGS, and image-based technologies.

Currently, my work focuses on: 1) integrating imaging and sequencing platforms to find gene expression and genetic variant patterns that may guide future research into the causes of cancers, and 2) developing tools for studying spatial organisation and dynamic changes at single-cell resolution.

Key achievements

2021-2023   Jack Brockhoff Foundation Early Career Medical Research Grant

2021-2022   SVI Rising Star Award

2019   Travel bursary Award, ISAG 2019

2018   Best poster Award, ISAFG 2018; Scherago International Student Travel Grants Award, PAG XXVI

2017-2019   Australia Research Training Program scholarship; Davies Research Special PhD Top-up Scholarship

2017   Travel Grant Award for Attending International conference, The University of Adelaide

2016   CSL Travel Award, ABACBS

Selected publications

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