My research is centred around human evolution and genetic diversity, specifically focusing on populations that have historically been underrepresented in genomic studies. I have contributed to several projects, each employing a multidisciplinary framework to shed light on the intricate interplay between human evolutionary history, genetics, geography, and its consequential implications for human health.

I apply both experimental techniques and bioinformatic analysis in my research. As such, my work spans from conducting experiments to unravel the three-dimensional structure of DNA, to analysing genomic datasets to investigate the genetic underpinnings of complex diseases. Currently, my primary focus is on comprehending the role of archaic hominin DNA within the genomes of modern populations with a particular focus on unravelling the link between this archaic genetic legacy and the immune system’s function.

Selected publications

Borda V, Alvim I, Mendes M. The genetic structure and adaptation of Andean highlanders and Amazonian dwellers is influenced by the interplay between geography and culture. These authors contributed equally to this work. PNAS. 2020.


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