My research focuses on the application of human functional genomics on underexplored populations and infectious disease models. Having worked with different omic data types, I have broad experience with analyzing bulk sequencing data and have keen interest in extending my skillset for single-cell context.

During my PhD, I investigated statistical methods used to extract true meaning from genomic data, which includes removal of unwanted technical variations from microbiome data, inference of population structure from RNAseq data, and construction of gene expression-based disease classifier for typhoid fever in endemic cohorts.

My work at SVI is centred on profiling of the immune cell atlas of the environmental and ancestral diversity in Indonesia.

Key achievements

2019-2022  Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship

2017  JIC/TSL/El International Undergraduate Summer Research Training Programme


Selected publications

Fachrul, M., Karkey, A., Shakya, M., Judd, L. M., Harshegyi, T., Sim, K. S., Tonks, S., Dongol, S., Shrestha, R., Salim, A., Baker, S., Pollard, A. J., Khor, C. C., Dolecek, C., Basnyat, B., Dunstan, S. J., Holt, K. E., & Inouye, M. (2023). Direct inference and control of genetic population structure from RNA sequencing data. Communications Biology, 6(1), Article 1.

Fachrul, M., Méric, G., Inouye, M., Pamp, S. J., & Salim, A. (2022). Assessing and removing the effect of unwanted technical variations in microbiome data. Scientific Reports, 12(1), Article 1.

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