My interest in Immunology and autoimmunity was sparked early, during my Honours year in SVI’s Immunology and Diabetes group. After completing my Honours year, I pursued a PhD in Professor Helen Thomas’ laboratory. I studied key pathways involved in the recognition and destruction of insulin-producing beta cells by T cells. Following my PhD, I took a postdoctoral fellowship in New York, with Professor Schietinger at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, to understand how T cells lose their function due to chronic interaction with tumour antigens.

Currently, as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Immunology and Diabetes at SVI, I am investigating how autoreactive T cells retain their function and persistence for a long duration in autoimmune diabetes. We are deploying cutting-edge technologies – CRISPR mediated gene editing, RNA sequencing, metabolomics and imaging – to answer key questions about the function and survival of autoreactive T cells in autoimmune diabetes.

We believe that by answering the fundamental questions about how autoreactive T cells operate in autoimmune diabetes, we will uncover novel pathways which can be targeted to develop future therapies.

Ultimately, understanding how the immune system functions in autoimmunity will not only lead to novel immunotherapies for autoimmune diseases, but it will also inform how to design better cancer immunotherapies and how to tackle autoimmunity as a side-effect of these treatments.

Key achievements

2017   Professor TJ Martin medal for Best PhD Thesis

2022   Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International Postdoctoral Fellowship; SVI Rising Star Award

Selected publications

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