André completed a PhD at St Vincent’s / University of Melbourne and 4 years of postdoctoral research at the University Hospital of Leuven, Belgium. Subsequently, he established his own research lab and cardiac imaging facility that produced several late-breaking clinical trials published in leading cardiovascular journals.

His research and clinical work focuses on the effect of exercise on the human heart. He studies the range of health from severe heart and lung disease to elite athletic performance.

André now heads the Heart Exercise And Research Trials (HEART) Lab that comprises a young team of multi-disciplinary researchers that combine innovative exercise testing and cardiac imaging to identify the factors that contribute to heart muscle dysfunction, heart rhythm problems and cardiac arrest.

André has pioneered novel imaging techniques including exercise cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and contrast echocardiography. He has more than 300 peer-review publications and text-book chapters, serves on multiple international guideline statements and is regularly invited to present at all major international cardiology conferences.

Selected publications

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