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In our fast-moving modern world, the pace at which new, fundamental discoveries are being uncovered is accelerating — as is the speed at which discoveries are benefiting patients.

But here’s a sobering reality: there are no shortcuts.

Direct application to patients does not happen without the underpinnings of fundamental knowledge — without first answering a range of complex biological questions. Absent the insights generated from basic research, it is impossible to envision future advancements in treating common diseases, let alone future cures.

SVI remains committed to conducting the highest levels of basic research. That is where medical breakthroughs originate, where cures take root.

But there is more to be done beyond basic discovery. We have tremendous opportunities to build on the research advances SVI has spearheaded over the decades and more aggressively translate them into applications and commercial products to bring hope to patients sooner, not later.

Simply put, we seek to close the distance between discovery and application, between laboratory and bedside, and create a healthier future for Australians.

We need champions and ambassadors, friend and donors, who will take up the cause of medical research and invest in our work. We need you.

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