My research seeks to understand how and why human T cells cause autoimmune diseases. Specifically, I am interested in understanding which antigens are ‘seen’ by autoreactive T cells and why those structures are recognised by auto-pathogenic T cells.

How a T cell responds to a particular antigen changes the resulting immune response. My work seeks understanding of what affects T cell function and to develop assays to detect autoantigen-specific T cells and analyse their function in vitro.

Key achievements

2021   JDRF Pilot and Innovation Award

2017   Diabetes Australia Millennium Award; JDRF-Australia T1D Clinical Research Network Innovation Award

2014   JDRF Career Development Award; JDRF-Macquarie Group Foundation Diabetes Global Research Innovation Award

2009   JDRF Transition Award

2006   JDRF Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship


Selected publications

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