The original manufacturer of P81 and DE81 discontinued production, causing great concern across many research communities.

Our SVI laboratories, led by kinase pioneer Professor Bruce Kemp, have a long history of protein kinase research.

In 2018 we perfected production of SVI-P, our own P81 replacement. We now distribute SVI-P to leading academic laboratories worldwide, as well as a major drug screening service provider. Since then, we have expanded our product range to include SVI-D, a DE81 replacement.

Ion exchange filters available

  • SVI-P cation exchange paper (P81 replacement)

    A strong cation-exchange paper replacement for P81 and P30 filters that can be used for many applications including kinase, methyltransferase and acetylation assays. SVI-P has been used by more than 80 laboratories worldwide. SVI-P is not an exact replica of trademarked P81 paper or P30 filters – its synthesis uses a different chemistry. However, it performs as well as both across a range of applications using acidic/basic peptide or protein substrates.

    SVI-D anion exchange paper (DE81 replacement)

    A DEAE-based anion-exchange filter replacement for DE81 filters that can be used across a range of DNA applications.

    SVI-D is not an exact replica of trademarked DE81 paper – its synthesis uses a different chemistry. However, it performs as well as DE81 for ionic binding of positively charged molecules.


    SVI-P: US$18 per A5 sheet (or equivalent)

    SVI-D: US$9 per A5 sheet (or equivalent)

    Shipping will be charged at US$100 unless you provide a Fedex account to use.

    Discounts can be provided for larger orders. Once the order is received, we will provide an invoice with details for bank transfer. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment by credit card.

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