In the research setting, these techniques enable non-invasive imaging in a broad range of research programs.

They can provide quantitative information regarding, for example, bone mass and structure, osteolysis, response to intervention, abdominal fat measurements, and several other markers.

SVI was the first research institute in Australia to invest in Micro-CT analysis, and run a preclinical and basic research micro-CT facility, with a Bruker/Skyscan high-resolution in-vivo Micro-CT system available for research use, and, where required, operator assistance, consulting and advice on Micro-CT technology.

For examples of our Micro-CT use in research projects, refer to the list of published papers near the bottom of this page under the ‘Publications’ heading.

Charges and training

  • Micro-CT hire charges
    • There is a sliding scale of hourly equipment charges for both academic and commercial users.
    • Operator assistance, including consulting and advisory services, is also available.
    • All users must attend a brief training course (see below for more information).
    • For further information on usage charges, contact Professor Natalie Sims in the first instance by phone at 03 9231 2555 or via email.
    Micro-CT training and induction charges
    • Anyone applying to use the Micro-CT will need to go through approximately three hours of basic training and a one to two-hour induction into the SVHM BioResources facility.
    Induction bookings
    • To organise your induction into the BioResources facility, contact Anthony Cornelisz (BRC Manager) on 9231 2645 or email Anthony Cornelisz.
    • Please note that a 48-hour quarantine period is required prior to entry to the BRC Facility.
    Current users
    • Current users are advised to review the following document, which outlines information about bookings, software and manuals and data management.


Some of these applications can be seen in recent papers using our micro-CT: